French Toast

  • Vegan Churro French Toast Sticks

    Another fun way to switch up my classic Vegan Tofu French Toast! Tastes like churros, looks like churros (kinda), but secretly french toast — I mean what more could you want? Plus with a tofu french toast batter and a cashew cream dip, this decadent breakfast is also full of protein.

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  • Caramel Macchiato Tofu French Toast

    I can’t stop making my Vegan Tofu French Toast and have been trying different toppings to switch it up, but what about changing the batter itself? Any coffee lover out there has got to try this hack: instant coffee in your french toast batter. Whether it’s this tofu batter (the better option in my opinion),…

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  • Vegan Tofu French Toast

    This stuff is seriously game changer and DOES NOT taste like tofu, I promise. The tofu along with a little bit of nutritional yeast, really give that custardy feel without the egg. Plus a little extra protein in my french toast? I’m not complaining!

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