Hi everyone! I’m Felicia from @feliciasfabfoodz! Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I hope to inspire you with my healthier recipes that use whole foods and real ingredients you can feel good about.

In October 2019, I started my Instagram as a personal outlet for my recipes and creations with absolutely no intention of growing my page. I’ve always loved getting creative in the kitchen, experimenting and seeing what new ideas I could come up with. However, I quickly realized how passionate I’d become about sharing these creations, finding myself always wanting to keep sharing new ideas. I truly enjoy every part of this — it is a fun challenge to my creativity in more ways than one, but more importantly, it makes me so incredibly happy to be able to share that passion and see the joy it brings you.

All my life I have loved trying new foods, however at a very young age, I became obsessive over my diet and body image. As a pre-professional ballet dancer, I thought I had to control everything I ate in order to achieve the body I needed for dance. As sad as this is, my urge to change my body was what got me into healthier cooking and baking. I wanted to be able to make food that was better for me while still tasting good.

Many years later, my relationship with food has definitely progressed. Although I am still health conscious, I now strive for a healthy, balanced diet. I try to fuel my body with the nourishing food it needs, while knowing that sometimes it’s okay to splurge. I’m committed to leading a balanced and sustainable lifestyle and I’m here to share that with you!

Thank you for being here with me and I hope you have some fun in the kitchen!